My First Trampoline

My First Trampolines

My First Trampoline With Enclosure
Your child will bounce for hours and it's a fun and safe way to burn off some of that kid energy!
My First Pink Trampoline
Pretty and pink, thats what this trampoline is! Comes with a see through enclosure so you can keep an eye on the kids while they have a blast while still being safe!
Alex Jr. Jumpin' Jr. First Trampoline
Great exercise for infants while having a lot of bouncy fun! Promotes movement and activity for infants. It helps develop strength and balance.
Giddy Up Galt Folding Trampoline
Folds for easy storage. Holds up to 77 pounds. Great for indoor and outdoor use.
Diggin JumpSmart Trampoline
This bouncy trampoline doubles as a learning toy, too! Kids will delight in jumping along to fun learning games and silly songs.
Alex Little Jumpers Trampoline
Big Bouncy Fun! Colorful Padded Cover and Foam Handle for Safe Play. Everything You Need for Assembly and Easy Storage.
My First Jumper Trampoline
Healthy, aerobic fun for little ones. First Jumper is a great way to burn off excess energy.


80" x 27" Jump-o-Lene
Great play area for kids, indoors or outdoors. Throw in some fun ballz for extra fun!
Little Tikes Bounce House Trampoline
The Bounce House Trampoline is chock full of big, bouncy entertainment for your child, and its so safe that you need not worry about injuries. Throw in some fun ballz for more fun!
Bazoongi Kids 55" Junior Combo Trampoline and Enclosure
The 55" Junior Combo Trampoline is a perfect trampoline for beginners. Easy to assemble frame and enclosure protect the jumper while inside the trampoline.
Jump-o-Lene Castle Bouncer
A must have! Kids will make games out of tossing balls into the turrets or pushing them through the holes in the castle wall. Includes 24 balls, extras sold separately.
2 in 1 Kid's Trampoline and Kiddie Pool
Can't decide between a fun trampoline or kiddie pool, now you can get both!
Pure Fun 8-Foot Trampoline and Enclosure Set
Family Fun! Eight-foot trampoline is easy to assemble and requires no tools or extra drilling


My First Trampoline & More Fun Toys!

If you are looking for a great way for your kids to have fun, improve their strength and balance while burning all that kid energy that they have, then you definitely want to invest in a kids trampoline!  Whether it’s my first trampoline or another type of trampoline, it will not only provide hours of fun for your kids, but they’ll be entertaining for you and your family as well.  They also make for  fantastic kids party entertainment as well and will be sure to be a hit at any birthday or get together.

Check out the wide selection of kids trampolines as well as kids blowup jumpers and other fun toys! They’re great birthday and holiday gifts and will be used constantly. Be sure to check out our kids trampoline reviews for more information on each type of childrens trampoline.


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Kids these days love playing indoors. Why not? There’s lots of new technology particularly designed for the indoors that they can play with. There’s the Xbox, Wii, Playstation, television, online games, hand-held devices, and all of these things will keep them occupied, and inactive. One of the biggest problems with teenagers and kids today is obesity. A lot of them eat a lot while being couch potatoes and the body is not given a chance to burn the fats stored in it. If you love your kid, do them a favor and motivate them to workout and be active as early on in life as possible. There are a lot of activities that they can do and have fun with at the same time, such as jumping on a trampoline. Kids are naturally active, what kid doesn’t love the idea of jumping high up and down on a trampoline? Better a trampoline for kids than your bed right? For safety purposes though you should get a kids trampoline  such as My First Trampoline, instead of the ones adults use until they are old enough. Kids trampolines are smaller to fit their size, and the mat is made with a softer material to prevent them from getting hurt. The ones made for toddlers have a special bar on which they can hold for support, preventing them from falling. Aside from the fact that they get to be active there are a lot more benefits that kids get from jumping on trampolines, here are some of them.


Jumping on a kids trampoline will help your kids develop a sense of balance and coordination. Unlike jumping on the ground, the trampoline is constantly moving, challenging your kids to gain more balance.  You can get a kids trampoline with handle to help those that are just starting out.  Jumping on the kids trampoline is not only fun but it helps prepare them for other activities that they may be interested in as they get older and more active.


Some kids are naturally weaker than other kids. Helping your kids get more active will help them develop strength, which will eventually help them accomplish more work within the day. When a kid jumps on a trampoline, both sides of the brain are forced to work together, developing motor skills.


What a lot of parents don’t know is that enticing your kids to jump on the trampoline would actually help them improve their self esteem. As kids master new skills (as on the trampoline), it translates into a better image if themselves, giving them the confidence that they need to face life.


When you jump on a trampoline, your muscles as well as your bone works hard to prevent you from falling off it. This will not only strengthen you r muscle, but your bones as well. As your bone density increases, it prevents you from developing osteoporosis and other bone diseases.